Classic Klein Quotes

Here are some of my favourite lines from Robin’s books – you’ll find out why when you read Letters from Robin.

She hated it when things didn’t go according to schedule. It made the whole world even more bothersome and alarming than it already was.

All in the Blue Unclouded Weather

If anyone called me “Four Eyes” because I had to wear glasses, I’d give them two black ones!

Penny Pollard’s Letters

Suddenly he looked across the room at her and smiled gently. It wasn’t his usual cheerful grin. It was … just as though she were another adult, and had been through some painful experience, some awful sort of grief, and he was trying to console her. Trying to tell her that things were terrible now but would get better in time.

Separate Places

she listened to her voice with detached curiosity. It didn’t even sound like her own voice. It was filled with controlled anger, like that of an adult goaded beyond endurance by the pranks of a malicious child.

Games …

There would never be any winged horses plunging splendidly from the sky to land at your feet and carry you away from things not to be borne. That was something you had to learn to do all by yourself.

Came Back to Show You I Could Fly

Grief is strange. Though it’s not like physical pain, it’s much harder to stand because you still hurt in some nameless way and can’t locate the actual site.

Laurie Loved Me Best

“Enough’s enough,” Nan said crisply. “Quit stirring him. Plenty of people don’t show their true talent till later on. Plenty of other people are all flashy show and it sometimes just fizzes out. I wouldn’t be blowing any trumpets just yet.”

Barney’s Blues

She frowned at me over her shoulder.

‘What’s that for?’ I asked, surprised.

‘For being so dense about certain things,’ she said reprovingly. ‘People’s feelings, I mean.’

The Listmaker

Everyone else in Year Six was looking forward to it, but Miranda, with her usual contrariness, didn’t see why she had to stand about in the cold sloshing paint on a wall with no one even asking her first if she wanted to.

Seeing Things